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Appeal against 34J PCN issued by Lambeth Council

My PCN appeal and further communications with The London Borough of Lambeth.

TransAm 2018

Race starts 2nd June 2018

Human sexual cycles and Google Trends

Review of an article's incorrect usage of Google Trends data

Bitcoin versus kebab

When will sanity be restored to the UK?

Search volumes during the Oxford Circus non-attack

Review of the search volumes of key terms on the day of the Oxford Circus non-attack

In page load performance of Tableau compared with Google Data Studio

Is free better than the best?

The proportion of people searching for free or cheap stuff on Google has been decreasing, whilst searches indicating people looking for the best or high quality stuff has increased.

Questioning Google

The proportion of people using Google to ask questions has increased three-fold since 2008.

Discussion on the significance of the Paranthropus lineage in Hominid evolution.

Google Trends search terms for "unemployment" searches versus "claim benefits" searches

Free Google Data Studio dashboard template

Access, copy, and use this free Google Data Studio template for your own data.

UK unemployment prediction

People's search terms on Google can be used to predict future UK unemployment rates.

What is digital analytics?

A digital, or web, analyst is a data analyst who focusses on analysing data collected from the use of digital devices.

Join ISIS - Google search trends

Relationship between ISIS terrorist events and people Googling for how to join ISIS.